Bebe's Beginnings

The Start of Something Worth Savoring


Growing up in a family of seven kids, the talk of food, the sweet smell of food, and the criticism of food were always present at the dinner table. As you can imagine, nothing can bring a bunch of rambunctious little kids together the way the love for food can. Especially food that is made with love by the one you love most. Our genius in the kitchen was our beloved grandma whom we dearly called, Bebe. Although Bebe is no longer with us physically, her spirit lives on through her love for cooking, a love that she passed down to us. The peace and liveliness she brought to our hearts and taste buds through her delightful cuisine are what we hope to bring to yours.


The Continuation of a Culminated Cottage


Having been in the wedding business for seven years with our sister property Roswell Historic Cottage, we were blessed to have worked with amazing catering companies who inspired us to share an essential missing ingredient: a taste of our beloved Bebe. And who better to share our grandmother’s finger-licking legacy with than the Roswell community we have served and loved for so long? With lots of love to Roswell from our family tree overseas, pick Bebe to exceed your catering needs.


The Science and Team Behind Bebe’s Cuisine


Nonetheless, we have handed our family recipes to chefs who have been passionately perfecting their respective cuisines for many years since they graduated with degrees from culinary schools and a staff who has been educated in the art of food service. With their exquisite expertise, they can accommodate Bebe’s flavors to spice up any event style from a classy corporate dinner to a wondrous wedding and even create a custom menu of your favorite meals to add the cherry on top of your special day.

Rustic Table Setting